Thursday, December 10, 2015

Alhamdulillah.Thank God..I've finished (as for now)

I didn't pen down about my study for quite some time. Yes it has been 3 awesome years with tears and joy as a student.

There is no doubt is not as easy as everyone thought. Besides the negativity and challenges I had kan.
Comes from a background of hoteliers you can imagine what kind of lifestyle I have right. Besides late night party, I could say hotel is my 2nd house where I spent more than 8 hours over there.

I do admit on my previous years, party with girls is a must must and yes yes during weekend (freetime).So when I say I want to study, I can say my aunty and uncle (I reckon aunty and uncle) criticize that I couldn't go with it and cope as well ( korang nampak tak takde positvity dia kasi,beside dia condemn ko tak hingat dunia). Sempat juga diaorang bagi pesanan khidmat masyarakat yang berbunyi macam ni " betul ka dia nak study? boleh ka".

Being an asshole once doesn't mean I am gonna be an asshole forever kan (cepat tampar muka tu). Rasanya semua orang berhak nak berubah which is no judgment rite. The only persons that I feel support throughout my study journey are my mum,dad,sister,Ann,Nur,my those previous lecturer in ICHM, and some people n my life. Forgive me if I can't list all your names but I will remember those that besides me when I was down and back me up to stay ahead and being a fighter.

Years by years with some tears masa buat assignment,beside air liur basi kat meja study, panic attack bila nak submit assignment to turnitin, notes basah,notes koyak, cartoon lagi best dari baca buku, english article yang bapak high tech, internet cut off,electric tetiba takde,bila kemalasan bermaharajalela,dating dating (ok ini poyo sikit)  and few more la I manage to complete my journey!!

To everyone that helped me throughout my MBA journey,

First and foremost, I have to thank Allah S.W.T for so many things when I knew I wasn't commiting to him the way I supposed to. Thank you to my precious family for your prayerful support.Thank you to my lovely friends for your friendship,care and fun.Thank you professors and lecturers for the wisdom and guidance you shown to me.

Even when circumstances may cause me to fall, a word of encouragement rises in me causing me to not give up and assuring Allah already has plan for me-Life full of hope and brighter future.

To those that criticize me, thank you for allow me to rise and shine bright like a diamond (ok statement minta penampar). As for me, I am happy and looking forward over my graduation next year on May 2016. Beside, I want to do what I have left before embark this MBA journey, a deep rest,looking for swolemate ,get married (maybe) before continue my phD (ins sha allah).

My Favourite Stack!!!

As I embark to my FIT Life Journey obviously there are up and down on the other side.

Besides,muscle cramps,body sore and few in the list I am easily exhausted recently. And I noticed, due previously my work place and home just few mins away I always get a nap before run to gym.

As I moved to new work place, I straight away to gym. With 30 mins walk to KLCC before reach Avenue K always left me half way dying. Thus I have refer my so call keletihan Cik Bedah yang sangat penat bila nak lift. And serious shit I feel like aunty at one point.

Thus, Karmen had suggest this BCAA in order to deal with my fatigue. I did ask Noland about this as well. Yeah, Noland a friend of mine who is body builder suggest the same thing . So dong dang dong dang on one fine day (hari yang tak berapa nak fine) I went to GNC for this golden cure. And ya I manage to get it. Beside the free consultant suruh ambik whey protein to stay lean this and that even the consetan tak de la fit bagai. (geram pula aku )

But before Cik Afira purchase, of coz la she did her research kang lepas makan jadi hulk lagu mana? Naya oi!! (ok imaginasi sangat hebat).

Specifically Cik Afira purchase this BCAA (branched chain amino acids).

Caffeine-Keeps you going man!!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

My F.I.T Life Journey

I refuse to go into 2015 with another failed "resolution" to lose weight and get healthy!

Yes..after I realized end of December my weight gaining tremendously thus I must do something before it's too late.

1st January 2015 was my memorable date.As that was the time my friend and I went to health club.

(p/s:bukan bermaksud Cik Afira tak pernah pegi exercise.I am a green belt level 2 in taekwondo and do some hiking(before).But KL tiada bukit berdekatan selain Bukit Bintang and Bukit Nanas thus pembiakan berat itu sangat berjaya!!)

So.I signed up at Fitness First..dung dang dung dang (and I can see my money flew off successfully).Since kaedahnya new year,banyak la yang sign up bermotifkan nak kurus bagai.Plus ada la promotion itu ini.(Jangan kata shopping je ada sales,gym pon ada sales).Thus,bermula la kisah nak kurus.

Last my heaviest weight was 90kg .And when I joined Fitness First it was 79kg.But ya I am not fit and easily exhausted.

My 1st,2nd and 3rd day doesn't have much activity and I only utilize the wave machine.

And on the day 4, I meet a devil who act like an angel name Karmen Khoo.She is my personal trainer until now.

It has some changes,as my original trainer was a guy name Azhar.But due some hiccups, she took over the charge.

I thought I could bully her,and she tought I am the alive bitch on earth.So ya, we have different perception on each other.

At first my trainer analyze the body fat and do some balance activity and ya I was exhausted as hell.She ask what I eat daily from breakfast till dinner.My body fat on that time was 48% yes and I was not healthy and fat.

At that time I was addicted to Nasi Lemak and all the unhealthy thing..Sebab semua ni kan sedap..She urge me to stop immediately.And you have No Idea how fierce she was.

Then Ya..I took the challenge and trying to change.A following day of training sangat azab and I suffered a bad sore.I feel all my limbs,bones macam dah takde and can you imagine how I walk to work.Yes, kengkang!!

After a while, I get used.And I continue signed up more session with her.Yes,she kills me to the max!!

And I start on a right track month after month.Another my motivator is Toh Wai Loon.Wai Loon is a home gym junkie and ya one of fit guy that I know. He likes outdoor to the max and practising HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) for quite some times.And Wai Loon did give some tips and exercise routine for me to practise

My fav bro on scene

Over a time, I feel better than before.I took part my 1st night run with NIKE at ZOUK KL and ya I am survived!! It was only 4.5km.

The journey doesn't end as I started to do weight and cardio as well.For  starting I joined a body pump class.
Body pump is a total body workout with bars.And that's how I fall in love with weight.It is fun.I start on April with 2.5 kg and since then I never stop keep adding my bars.I am proud to say I am able to squats with weight 22.5 kg with the less mills bars and 40 kg with squats smith machine.Well that  achievement!!!

As time pass by I do notice I am getting better than before.On the left it was me,April 2014 and on the right was in July 2015.

Yes I did slightly show some changes but again I am not planning to stop as for now.Speaking about my trainer,on how she motivates me.Trust me she never praised me in a very POSITIVE WAY.She used to call me fat and hippo (kejam kan) but all her training I never failed to perform (ko ada).Meaning I am able to make her bitch mouth zip!!

Left : April 2014  Right : July 2015

The moment this blog done I am still heavy as my muscle weight has been increased from 14 % to 25 % less than 1 year and my body fat as for now is at 41%.My target is 35% at the end of December which I hope I am able to achieve it.

As this picture taken I am at 41% body fat.Hoping to achieve 35 %
In case you wondering how is my trainer look alike.Tadaa....

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Last Battle

If it should be that I grow weak,
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then you must do what must be done,
For this last battle cannot be won.

You will be sad, I understand;

Don't let your grief then stay your hand.
For this day more than all the rest,
Your love for me must stand the test.

We've had so many happy years -

What is to come can hold no fears.
You'd not want me to suffer so;
The time has come, so let me go.

Take me where my needs they'll tend

And please stay with me until the end.
Hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.

I know in time that you will see

The kindness that you did for me.
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I've been saved.

Please do not grieve - it must be you

Who had this painful thing to do.
We've been so close, we two, these years -
Don't let your heart hold back its tears.

Author Unknown

Sunday, July 26, 2015

No post

27th July 2015

It has been an ages I didn't pen down my thoughts.I have plenty of stories to tell.But let me start with the rude and heart broken story.

Once upon a time...Not so long we was so good in sense of friendships.We get along over laughed and stupid jokes and I thank you over these.

However,things change which I have no idea all this time she has problem with me and it was left unspoken.It happened,Nur's turned  one year older and yay is time for celebrations.

Who doesn't love the birthday celebrations.So I was telling Ms Z and Nur we will out over lunch over the weekend as it was the day I was free from anything.

So,Z was ok and after that planned changed to dinner.She claimed is it ok she joined the dinner near to her work place after 6pm.For me it was ok caused near to her work place and the time is just fine.

And out of sudden she informed she has to stay back on Sunday and she did asked is upcoming Monday was ok.

As for me,I work on shift and I did informed my work off day.So I was joke with her Monday is fine and if you can't make it I will hang you at KLCC.

To my surprised,her replied was effing fucking rude and macam gampang.As per her
"Ko nak gantung aku...this time ko adjust la schedule ko.Ko tau kan selama ni aku je yang nak kena ikut ko...penat la aku terkejar sana sini."AND ETC


Perasaan aku..Sebab ko rapat aku rasa..If not penumbuk tepat ke muka kau.Entahlah itu yang aku terbayang sekarang.Well I don't deserved this.In fact at first I did say I am ok so what's the point you triggered me.Ko mental ke hapa.

Entahlah....Tido lagi bagus

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Distinctively Borneo

It has been an ages I left  my own blog for several reasons.And oh yes..year end soon ;)

Flew to Gaya early on November.It was super excellence.I went to Gaya Island Resort and yes!! I did complete all YTL Hotels n Properties in Malaysia..Yea!!!

Thank you to my GM for a good willl and I do feel blessed.

I do aware there was a hiccup in between with my girls (which we supposed to go for holiday).But unfortunately it does not went well as I planned as yeah...Girls and troubles and dramas.Which left me pissed off.Indeed you heard from 3rd party that this placed was boring,dirty and yeah more and more stuff.

Well..I never been to this place.I did not know if it clean and boring as for me.Experience while you go and enjoy the flow.It left me unwind with them and directly I claimed "eh tak payah pergi la"

And yeah I went with my bestfriend Ichaa.I booked the ticket quietly and I didnt tell the girls for some reasons

So as usual Cik Fyra plan and book cuti in advance as last minute cek tak reti aih...

31st October Cik Fyra off time tu la sibuk dok perabaih assignment,kemas beg,pegi Guardian beli itu ini,pegi H&M cari blouse,pergi Bata cari sandal and spend 2 hours kemaih barang.Excited nak pergi until tak boleh nak tido..haaha..keji kan perangai macam tu.

Day 1:
1st November 2014.

6.30 am: Cik Fyra dah ke KLIA flight pukul 9.20 am.hoho..Again I love the feeling of travelling.Best gila ok.As Icha travelled separately to KLIA due abe Issey hantarkan.Again,Cik Fyra juga sampai awal.Kes excited atau Icha terlebih make up.Tak tahu la..

These time we travelled in style ;)
Dah jumpa abe Issey dan bila 3 orang buat persidangan sebelum flight berlepas memang hebat.Then alih alih tersedar dah lambat.Dah macam pelari pecut lari ke gate nak kejar kapal terbang.Hahhaha..Berpeluh ketiak den kejar nak masuk flight..

12pm our MH safely landed in Kota Kinabalu.The weather super hot ye.Berpeluh ketiak ok.Then Icha berlari lagi ke bank.Cik Fyra tunggu je la ala2 keeper timing larian dia.Then after that,we both flew to Sutera Marina Harbour sebelum naik boat ke Gaya.

Sutera Harbour
Sempat juga Cik Fyra jumpa Kak Yati which I used to see her when she was in KL.Dah berubah ok.After gossip gassap sudah tiba masanya kitaorang naik boat ke Gaya.I feel in love KK already even weather ya ampun panas ye!!So Cik Fyra pun dah memulakan sesi fotografi.Apapun safety first as I am not expert in swimming,safety jacket is a must!!Dan klik klik...From Sutera to Gaya Island it took 15 minutes journey by speed boat and 2 hours by

Immigrant village at Gaya

After 15 minutes journey by boat and finally I reached the beautiful place.Gaya Island(Pulau Gaya)is underlaid by folded sandstone and sedimentary rock and is part of the Crocker Range rock formation of the western coast of Sabah.Located within Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park off the coast of KK in Borneo.The island rests along in Malohom Bay and surrounded by natural sanctuary of an ancient rainforest with a stunning outline of Mount Kinabalu on the horizon.

Gaya Island
After sampai while awaiting room to be ready due last minute I request room with good wifi connectivity and so on Icha and I decide to have something to munch.Oh ya..My GM had give me 5days 4nights and full meals on board.And certainly I live in luxurious over 5 days and not thinking off what to pay for a meals but what to eat over 5 days.

Ok and more picture again from Gaya.

Eco Gayana Resort.Taken from Gaya Island

Lunch at Feast Village

Then after agenda makan makan..Tudia kitaorang menjalankan misi jalan kaki 5 minit ke bilik masing masing.Oh ya.The room located at gently slopping hillside dan pada waktu malam amat la sunyi sepi dan tenang.Sehingga Cik Fyra rasa nak buka selipar dan pecut lari.Sumpah aku seram balik ke bilik waktu malam.Mujur ada Ichaa even Cik Fyra rasa jiwa dah sampai bilik even badan di luar...Hahahha..

We did not do much activity at Gaya on our first day as Cik Fyra had lackness of sleep due a day before that was my night shift and off day I still unable to adjust my sleep pattern.Thus after 5 minutes menuju ke bilik.Cik Fyra menjalankan misi letak beg-unload apa yang patut-mandi-tido...zzzzzzz..

I had my best nap over 3 hours and awake at 7.30 pm.Seems KK cepat gelap dari KL dong.
And Jasmine gave a called and laughed out loud after she realized I flew all the way from KL to KK for a good sleep.

Yeah Jasmine, indeed I flew all along the way for a beauty sleep.

Prolly at 8.30pm Icha and I went to Feast Village over a dinner and manage to see Jasmine.Dinner was super excellence even Icha concerned about the price range.As everything on complimentary I have reassure him everything has been taking care.I am not entitle over alcohol consumptions and Fisherman Coves.

We had sirloin steak and some dessert on that night.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Up Up High Above The Sky

So today,12th March 2014, I did my first flight with cessna. I am a decent passenger falls under Malaysian citizen.Lol..

It was pretty cool anyway. With me are Aman (the pilot) and Dila.Both are my colleague.
We had planned for quite some time and out of sudden a day before that,Aman suggest after I kick off my night duty he ask me to join him for fly.

Clock out at 8 am and back home for some refreshment, and took my baby together (My DSLR) and we make a move to Royal Selangor Flying Club and reached there at 9.50 am sharp.

KL was pretty hot dow!!!Frankly I had a minor sunburn!!!!

Okey here comes the picture to feed you!!!

We flew (correct word meh) for 1 hour.Original plan we supposed to stop at Subang Skypark to pick up someone.Due unexpected conditions,Aman flew back.It was a good decision from him as both of us feel dizzy and about to vomit.

I would not say not to try again.However, I will do again after my Bali trip.Weheeee!!!!!

Pilot checked before flight off!!!!